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How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

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I can't say it enough, but any renovation remodeling project you take on in your home is a little bit like preparing for and having surgery. You realize it is necessary, but no one really wants to do it, there is fear of the unknown on top of the pain afterward, however, the reward is that you will be better at the end of the day. The same goes for your home, at some point it will require a renovation with the kitchen typically being the biggest investment. The goal of this blog is to help you prepare as much as possible for D-Day (demolition), so you can start day one of your kitchen remodeling project fully prepared.

Before your renovation can start you need to have 4 major things done first:

1. Budget set

2. Full set of completed kitchen design plans

3. Materials selected and already ordered

4. Licensed General Contractor

5. Permits

Now assuming all of that is done, we can really talk about how to prepare for D-day (demolition):

1. Connect with your general contractor and project manager pre-demolition day to get a timeline of the project.

  • You want to be aware of any major project milestones and if there is anything you need to prepare for to keep the project rolling smoothly.

2. Remove anything out of your kitchen you don't want to be thrown away.

  • When your contractors come in to do the demolition for your kitchen remodeling project, anything in the kitchen they are going to toss. You want to make sure any items like dishes, art, etc. that you don't want thrown away to remove. Your kitchen needs to be completely empty.

  • If there is anything you'd like to save ie. cabinetry or countertops to resell or donate make certain you have a conversation with your contractors and designer pre-demolition and have a location where they can store the items.

3. Protect furniture

  • On D-day, your contractors will come in and put up plastic on all openings, doorways, and vents, to help minimize the spread of construction dust to the rest of your home. You do want to prepare for the possibility that some of this dust will escape.

  • If your kitchen is open up to any other room make certain you protect any furniture you don't want damaged. Cover it all up.

  • If you have area rugs that could potentially be exposed, just take those up or roll them up for the time being.

4. Prepare for material delivery

  • Will the material be delivered directly to your home?

  • If so, you want to make certain you have a safe dry area where it can be stored such as a garage or spare room in the home where the contractors will be able to have easy access.

  • If not, have all the materials been delivered to your contractor?

  • You don't ever want to start a kitchen project with materials missing. No matter what the manufacturer tells you or the contractor. It will cost you more time and money if you start without all materials on site and ready to be installed.

5. Have a place to put your existing appliances

  • If you are going to be keeping any appliances be certain there is a place that your contractors can store them through the remainder of the project and out of the way.

  • This goes for any new appliances. Have a place for them to be stored until ready to install.

6. Make sure you have a plan for how you'll eat for the duration of your project.

  • During your kitchen remodeling are you planning on eating out everyday or will you be eating at home most days.

  • If needed make sure you have a place in the home where you can cook meals. Have on hand a microwave, instapot, small cooktop or some other appliance to allow you to still prepare meals.

  • I'd also keep the refrigerator accessible so that you can still store or freeze things as necessary.

Renovations can be extremely stressful, strangers are coming into the peaceful home you have created for yourself and destroying it, temporarily. So throughout the process you may find yourself getting frustrated, there will be construction dust, noise, etc. Prep your mind, work, family, and friends for this major life interruption.

Remember this is all for your benefit and continue to find ways to stay excited about the process. In no time at all, though it will seem like eternity, you will have a space that you've worked hard to pay for and design with your designer. Your vision is coming to life!

The most important part of preparing for a kitchen remodeling project is to remind yourself that this is an exciting time. Have fun, enjoy the moment!

Ready to get started on your kitchen design journey?

We are here to help and excited to bring your vision to life!

a plumber installing a new garbage disposal for the kitchen remodeling project


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