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After traveling, living, and working internationally, I got to see the world from a difference lens.  As someone who loves the built world, no matter what country I was in, economic status, or race, the consistent theme was the lack of true quality of life when it concerned the places we lived and worked. 

The same air goes through the homes of the  wealthiest neighborhoods as well as in the slums.  Water supplies all over the world are limited and in many cases tainted.  The products we have used for hundreds of years to build are in many ways unfeasible for the long term health of people and everyday we are working harder while living less.


That invisible divide of what separated First and Third World countries is no longer.

So the question I was forced to ask myself, can we do housing better? 

And the answer was and is YES!! 

What do you think would happen if the standards for quality of life required that our homes and work to be connected to nature?  What if everyone was given the opportunity to live in a space that was healthier for them, mind & body?  Where clean air, fresh food, and water were available year round? 

Incorporating materials that minimize our environmental footprint, focus on quality indoor air, and integrate elements of biophilic design and the ethics of permaculture is just the start to healthier living spaces.  

With 10+ years in the industry as a designer and with my vast knowledge in construction, I knew I needed to take all of that and create BLOU INK.

Designing life sustaining spaces that support people and planet.  

I hope that during our time together you not only leave inspired, but also excited that you now have a space that serves you vs. the other way around. 

Vera Blouin
Founder/Principal Designer
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