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As designers we are directly responsible for creating spaces where people live, make memories, love, build families, nourish life, and establish legacies.  The choices we make for those spaces not only impact the people who use them, but determine the quality of the products the industry produces, and the sources from which they obtain them.  Our choices ultimately impact well-being, our community, our planet, and prosperity.   Knowing the significance of what we do and the global impact our decisions make, it is imperative that we recognize our ecological responsibility.  Each project is an opportunity to not only educate on sourcing products that are better for people + planet, but shape the direction of the planet as a whole.  

Our sustainability pledge to maximize the positive impacts by BLOU INK are as follows:


The climate crisis should be at the top of all our minds.  To consume without replacing creates an unsustainable world while disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities.  

WE COMMIT TO:             

  • Reduce our emissions             

  • Maximize opportunities to reduce waste and the load on natural resources          

  • Design with a planet first mindset before people

We were always meant to be the caretakers.


In order for us to live balanced lives we must design in a way that strikes a balance between the overall wellbeing of people and planet.  Design should take a more holistic approach to health; mind, body, and soul.


  • Creating spaces that are healthy and allow for regenerative environmental conditions

  • Designing spaces that foster wellbeing and promote mental wellness

  • Advocate for the preference of design and design processes that promote restorative and regenerative air, water, light, and other natural systems


Environmental equity is central to a truly sustainable future.  If one part of our community suffers we all do.  


  • Make design selections that encourage and support the wellness and prosperity of vulnerable communities

  • Create equitable solutions that bring underrepresented communities into our work process

  • Design in an non-discriminatory way that benefits people + planet

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